KS was established in 2004 and is registered with the UK Governments Charity Commission.

The aim of the charity is to represent and serve the interests of the communities within which it operates, regardless of race, religion, or gender, both in the UK and overseas.

The activities include, Poverty & Famine Relief, Health & Welfare, Education & Economic Development, Community Development, Disaster Relief, as well as Sports & Recreational activities.


The vision of the charity is to deliver on all its charitable objectives by empowering people to get actively engaged in voluntary work.

The charity provides the platform needed to coordinate all our volunteers efforts to bring about genuine development and prosperity for the communities we serve all over the world.

As with all great visions this objective can only truly be accomplished through the collective actions we take today.


We have received funding and support from many UK companies and organisations, ranging from British Airways, The Vodafone Foundation, The National Lottery, and Natwest to name just a few. MORE


"This is a great opportunity to not just donate money, but to use your time and skills to help others."

"Everyone has access to skills, knowledge and resources. By working with the charity you can put these to good use."

"By spending a few hours a month you can really help make a positive difference toward helping others."

"Who better to understand the needs of the communities we serve, then the people themselves"